WrenGROGGS options and switches

WrenGROGGS commands take command-line arguments that are classified into : WrenGROGGS isn't very good at spotting mistakes in its parameters (this is a side effect of the way it emulates the PHOENIX keying system). It will quite happily allow you to shoot yourself in the foot - be careful, and if in doubt, always use a key.

The following switches and options are defined by default. Any command will accept them, but most won't do anything with them (since eg. greaditem /latest is a nonsensical instruction). The switches and options relevant to a particular command are listed in that commands entry in the command index.

All filenames are '~' and '//' processed before being used (ie. '~' expands to the name of the calling users home directory, and '//' means '/' - eg. /usr/groups/m3//spong -> /spong).

You can find out more about how WrenGROGGS deals with stdin, stdout, stderr, and about the input, output and ver datasets here.

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