WrenGROGGS .grogprefs format

WrenGROGG's primary way of determining what your preferences are is by reading your .groggprefs file, which is by default a file called .groggprefs in your home directory (~/.groggprefs).

Unless you want to do unusual things (like having two servers configured), you should never need to touch your .groggprefs file yourself - it will not be needed whilst you have guest access only (assuming you're using your site's default server), and will be created the first time you run the grogprofile command (typically to set your shared secret).

However, in case you want to play (or parse) , the format of the file is as follows.

Applications should ignore any unrecognised keys they come across.

Application-specific configuration should be done using keys with names beginning '<appname>_'. This reduces the possibility of clashes.

The standard keys are :

And WrenGROGGS defines the application-specific key :
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