Extended .groggsecret files

WrenGROGGS is capable of parsing so-called 'extended .groggsecret files'. These are similar to ordinary .groggsecret files, except that after the secret, one or two additional arguments may be specified - the first of these is a server name in the form server:port, and the other is a user id, so a typical extended .groggsecret file might be :

md5-secret ABCD
md5-secret 0123 server1.wibble.net:90 rrw100@cus
md5-secret 4567 server2.wibble.net:1000
WrenGROGGS will use the last, most specific secret it can find with respect to the server and userid specified.

Extended .groggsecret files are not generated at present because greadnew chokes on them and it is felt to be inadvisable to write shared secrets in more than one place, as this would increase disclosure risks.

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Last modified: Tue Sep 19 17:04:30 1995
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