WrenGROGGS Configuration

WrenGROGGS uses a number of strategies to determine your preferences. To obtain what are known as your 'primary preferences' (ie. everything except your shared secret), WrenGROGGS searches, in order :
  1. Its internal (compiled-in) defaults.
  2. Your .groggsrc file (by default ~/.groggsrc), which is in Ian Jackson's groggsrc format.
  3. Your .groggprefs file (by default ~/.groggprefs), which is in groggprefs format.
  4. Some rules based on environment variables.
  5. The command line.
Items found later in the list override those found earlier, and shared secrets are scanned after the configuration files, but before the environment variables (which allows the configuration files to specify alternate groggsecret filenames).

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Last modified: Fri Nov 3 12:56:58 1995
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