gindex lists all the items in GROGGS. It requires access level 1, and its syntax is :
gindex [<options>] [<switches>]
gindex lists all the items in GROGGS (specifically, it lists all index entries of types I, C, and F [note that since item withdrawals and edits are both marked E, some items listed in the output of gindex may have been withdrawn]).

By default,gindex has no time limit, but one can be introduced with the hours and last keywords. If an item is a continuation of another item, gindex will prefix its subject with the itemid of the previous item in square brackets like this : [K1234567], unless /nocont is set.

gindex formats its output for 80 columns (by default), and writes to the terminal (via a pagewaiter unless /display is on) in interactive mode, or the TO dataset in non-interactive mode.

Example :
$ gindex
Experimental GROGGS system RGTP server ready (no access yet)
Recieving index from server .. please wait.
Processing data from server .. please wait.
Item     User             Time          Type Subject                        

K3041539 rrw1000@cus      15:39 01 Nov  I    More Terminal News             
K2961635 rrw1000@cus      16:35 24 Oct  I    Terminal Video Marathons.      
K2922135 22:35 20 Oct  I    New Scientist                  
K2891713 aloan@ast        18:13 17 Oct  I    Sacking and compensation       
K2880848 aloan@ast        09:48 16 Oct  I    Boxing: right or wrong?        
K2830903 10:03 11 Oct  I    Theft                          
K2830847 pas14@cus        09:47 11 Oct  I    Portillo                       
K2830830 09:30 11 Oct  I    MagSoc                         
K2821142 empp1@cus        12:42 10 Oct  I    Sensible terminals?            
K2631616 aloan@ast        12:56 09 Oct  F    [K2481032] God and goodness    
The output format is the same as that of gnewitems.

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