gcopying shows the copying policy for WrenGROGGS. It requires no access level, and its syntax is :
gcopying [<options>] [<switches>]
Output goes to the terminal, in interactive mode (via a pagewaiter if /display is unset), or to the TO dataset in non-interactive mode.

Example :
$ gcopying
This is WrenGROGGS version 0.28 by Richard Watts.
  (c) Richard Watts 1995.

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public
Licence, version 2 or above, and comes with absolutely
no warranty.
See the file /home/rrw1000/wrengroggs/Sun4/lib/wrengroggs/COPYING for details.

WrenGROGGS is not connected with either the Computer Lab
or the Computing Service. It is maintained by the auther,
who can be reached at the address above.

Bribes, invitations to dinner, bug reports, and comments
should be mailed to Richard.Watts@cl.cam.ac.uk.

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